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Traffic control

Everyone involved in a construction work zone project should have a basic knowledge of temporary traffic control that allows them to assist in installing traffic control devices, monitoring their performance, and recognizing deficiencies during the course of a project.

There are many unique situations within the application of work zone setups. As an industry leader, we train our employees in safe, high quality traffic control services. We can quickly and effectively respond to your temporary  or long term traffic control service needs, expectations and project requirements. Our team includes FIT Instructors, crew members, crew leaders, field specialists, safety professionals, and police officers. EDC specializes in traffic control, including: standard flagging operations, rolling slowdown operations, advanced work zone operations & setups, and emergency & storm operations.


We offer an array of documentation services, including: designing traffic control plans, pre/post safety zone setup plans, customer survey on safety protocol, creating traffic control plans, and more.